Living at Le'Mac

The apartments at Le'Mac lend a beguiling charm to the intricately designed spaces that offer open-plan and modern living arrangements of 1-bed and 2-bed apartments. Floor to ceiling windows, avant garde finishes and spectacular views are some of the things that will ensure Le'Mac apartments are the perfect place to live.

Le'Mac is a statement of impeccable architecture with immense attention to detail and a fine blend of the spaces to allow functional flows while ensuring utmost privacy.

The Sky-club which is a two-floor extravaganza is located at the summit of Le'Mac overlooking the rest of the city and will be the focal point of Le'Mac, ideal for unwinding at the end of the day. The sky club will include a heated swimming pool, pool decks, juice bars, residents sky lounges, spa, lavish gym, steam / sauna and gourmet restaurant.

The restaurant will be Nairobi's highest offering - a fine dining experience and a vantage point to appreciate Nairobi's skyline by day and its glimmering city lights by night.
Residential Price

Price based on apartment size and floor level in Kshs. as follows, Includes 1 car park per apartment.

Price in Kshs.
Apt NoViewTypeSize Sq. FtLevel 8Level 9Level 10Level 11Level 12Level 13
1City2 bed121620,307,00020,510,00020,715,00020,920,00021,129,00021,340,000
2City2 bed125921,025,00021,235,00021,447,000 21,662,00021,879,00022,097,000
3Rhapta2 bed90415,120,00015,271,20015,423,912 15,578,15115,733,93315,891,272
4Rhapta2 bed90415,120,00015,271,20015,423,912 15,578,15115,733,93315,891,272
5Lavington3 bed157126,235,70026,498,000 26,763,00027,030,00027,300,00027,573,000
6Lavington2 bed115119,260,00019,452,60019,647,12619,843,59720,042,03320,242,454
7Lavington2 bed123720,700,00020,907,00021,116,07021,327,23121,540,50321,755,908
8Lavington1 bed87214,580,00014,725,80014,873,053 15,021,78915,172,00615,323,727
9Lavington1 bed79613,320,00013,453,200 13,587,73213,723,60913,860,84513,999,454
10Westlands2 bed90415,120,00015,271,20015,423,91215,578,151 15,733,933 15,891,272
11Westlands2 bed90415,120,00015,271,20015,423,91215,578,151 15,733,933 15,891,272
12City1 bed79613,320,00013,453,20013,587,732 13,723,60913,860,84513,999,454
13City1 bed88214,760,00014,907,60015,056,676 15,207,24315,359,31515,512,908
14City2 bed113018,900,00019,089,00019,279,890 19,472,68919,667,41619,864,090


All apartments come with a fully fitted kitchen which includes a microwave, oven, gas & electrical burner, shelves and garbage collection bin. Additionally combined washer and dryers will also be fitted. Generator will provide 100% back-up power for all apartments and commercial spaces


Mark Properties Limited
Previous projects: Mac Apartments, King’ara Rd; Mac Gardens, Othaya Road
Contractor: Nipsan Construction Ltd.
Other Costs

Stamp Duty: 4% of the purchase price
Legal fees: Approximately 1.5% of the purchase price plus VAT
Share capital for the Management Company and proportionate costs for the formation of the same.
Service charge: Kshs 20-25 per sq.ft.

Construction Commencement and Completion
Construction is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2013 and complete approximately two and a half years later.

Title Structure
The main title is leasehold for 99 years from 1st April 2003 and registered to Mark Properties Ltd. Buyers will receive a sub-lease for this period together with a share in the management company owning the reversionary interest.